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STEP 1: Sign-up now and fill out the form to join our RevenueShare program.
STEP 2: Receive an email with the activation code and instructions what to do next.
STEP 3: Once you have been approved select a banner to use for your promotion.
STEP 4: Change the HTML code in the banner so we can track your new sales.
STEP 5: Start your promotion and invite new members to join our sites.
It's really easy and straight forward. Give it a try.

Make money

You will continue to get 40% month after month from each customer until they cancel!  It really adds up fast. All stats and all paychecks are handled by An established, reputable 3rd party processor. Paychecks are cut twice a month and mailed like clockwork. Sales are updated in realtime and you can access stats any time. So there is no wondering how many signups your getting.