Site redesign

The AffiliateOption site got a redesign. Better navigation and a cleaner look make it easier for you to join our partner network.

New Datedick Logo Banner

The Datedick logo got a re-design. Watch the new banners here

New Datedick Mobile Banners

Big dicks on iPods and Zen Vision M. Watch the banners here.

New Big Cock XXXL Banners

Our sucesseful new site Big Cock XXXL gets 15 new banners.
All in popular 300 x 124 pixel size. Watch the banners here.

AffiliateOption runs now at CCBill

The AffiliateOption program runs now at CCBILL. All previous RevSharers have to apply new. Rebills are still handled by iBill - new sales ONLY at CCBill. THIS MEANS YOU HAVE TO SIGNUP NEW (ONLY IF YOU ARE ALREADY SIGNED UP AT IBILL).

IMPORTANT: You also have to change the banner HTML code (see banner page)

NEW BigCockXXXL RevenueShare progam launched

Adult Webmasters can join the the new AffiliateOption RevenueShare Program at CCBill. Sign up once and promote datedicklive, monsterhole and the NEW site BigCockXXXL. No separate signup necessary anymore!

Monsterhole RevenueShare progam launched

Adult Webmasters can join the AffiliateOption RevenueShare Program for launched

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New datedicklive tour is online

Streamlined, optimized with newest persuasion technology. This means even higher conversion rates than before. No other BI MMM MATURE oriented site beates our legendary signup ratio. Watch the new tour here.

Background on micro niche "BI MMM"

It is no longer a secret that setting a link to a gay sponsor on a straight site will result in a surprisingly high number of sales. A link to a BI MMM oriented sites can be even more successful.

This is because there are so many normally heterosexual men practicing situational bisexuality, given the circumstances. These men don't even think it is "gay" what they are doing. Although they do sexually the same like gay men they behave differently and want to be addressed accordingly.

On the other hand many gay men who are happy with their situation fantasize about "real men". There are many "bear", "hairy", "mature", "dad" sites that are very successful. Mainly because they are different from the usual gay categories like "young", "good looking" and "teen". The result: both target groups (bi men and gay men) feel at home at

The main keywords are: "BI MMM MATURE 40+". The slogan is: "Where real men meet." is converting very well on straight, bi and gay adult entertainment sites.

Give it a try. You will be surprised. If you want further information about bisexuality click here.