Secret inside information about "Shaving"!

Or: Why 40% on signups and rebills is a good deal!

Have you wondered how the large affiliate programs can afford to pay the outrageous claims of anywhere from $25-$45 per join?

Some facts: Adult websites with trial memberships usually have a conversion ratio of anywhere between 15% and 35%. An example: If you send 8 new members to one of these sites, they would have to pay you $240 (if they pay $30 per join)!

But how is this possible if their conversion ratio is only 30%? This means 6 of those people cancelled, and only two of the eight joins you sent them converted to a typical $39.95 per month membership. They would be out of business soon because the industries average membership length is 1-3 months. On top of that they have processing fees, hosting, refunds, and charge backs!

So how do they do it?

Shaving (manipulating stats). You might wonder how that is possible since you have access to stats and everything looks so logic. Here is how: They use very advanced, custom affiliate software which is designed to look reliably and feature-rich to you, but it's primary function is shaving.*

* Everything you send will be shaved - traffic and joins. If you look at your stats your traffic conversions just looks fine. But they shave their traffic to match their joins. And example: you send 2,000 unique visitors (on average) the software will only display 500. Some programs even manipulate conversion ratios - so you will not get suspicious. Now it is logic why they can afford these amazing rewards.

So what makes us different?

AffiliateOption DOESN'T SHAVE! Can we prove it to you? YES!

AffiliateOption uses CCBill's affiliate tracking software. By using CCBill's software we have no control over stats. Their system is totally independent. They track clicks and sales 100% reliable.**

** CCBill is the most trusted name in website billing amongst webmasters. They handle all of the payouts and are extremely reliable and accurate. They are responsive and helpful. Members can cancel their subscription anytime just with a click. This makes members happy and is important to avoid costly refunds and charge backs. AffiliateOption and the partner take on their portion of the refund/chargeback responsibility, as determined by the 60/40 split. Processing fees and hosting are covered completely by AffiliateOption and will not be deducted from the partner's 40% split.

As an AffiliateOption partner you can access your stats anytime (at CCBill) and see how your traffic is converting and how much money will be sent to you.

Do you see the difference? Start getting paid by a webmaster revenue program that DOES NOT SHAVE! You have an option - AffiliateOption

Now you understand why 40% on signups and rebills is a good deal!