How to use Banners

STEP 1: Choose a banner that you like best.
You can promote Datedicklive, Monsterhole and Bigcockxxxl.

STEP 2: Select the HTML code that is below the banner. It should be highlighted.

STEP 3: Copy the HTML code. Press Strg+C (Windows) / Option+C (Mac)

STEP 4: Paste the HTML code at the location where you want to use it
(your homepage / TGP site / HTML-email).

STEP 5: IMPORTANT: Before you can use the HTML code select XXXXXX
and replace it with the actual Affilate ID that you received after you signed up.


Do I have to put the banner on my own server?
No. You just copy the HTML code and exchange "XXXXXX" with your Affilate ID. The banner itself will be called from our servers. You only use the code.

What happens if I don't exchange "XXXXX" with my Affilate ID?
Then we cannot track your sales and you will not make any money.

How much money can I make?
This depends on how much traffic you generate with your promotion. If you have a high traffic site all you have to do is put up one of our banners at a prominent location. The more visitors see the banner - the more might click it. If the visitors of your site are generally interested in the content we provide you will need about 100-200 visitors to generate one sale. If you address the general public you will need about 1000 and more visitors for one sale. The general rule: more traffic means more attention (eyeballs) and this means more money.

Why are rebills so important?
After the first month you will get the first rebills (people that stay at our sites and accept to be billed again). Many customers cancel their subscription in the first 3 months but some will stay - even for several months. So generally - over the time your pay out will increase because there will be more and more rebills.

Good luck. We appreciate your business. Ask us if you have any questions.
We are happy to help you.